Survey: Americans willing to sacrifice eating out, drinking to be millionaire

Working longer hours, driving an older car among top responses

By Samantha Small - Web Producer


It's an age old question: What would you buy if you were a millionaire?

However, GOBankingRates wondered what you would sacrifice in order to get there. In a survey of 1,000 participants across the nation about 35% of all respondents answered they would give up eating out or drinking alcohol. Other popular answers included working longer hours and retiring later, driving an older car, or keeping a job or career they don't like. Respondents were least likely to close off all romantic relationships and gain 100 pounds in order to strike it big.

Yet, sacrifices varied greatly between two different demographics: age and gender.

For respondents ages 18 to 24, the most common sacrifice was dealing with higher levels of work-related stress. Never eating out or drinking alcohol was the most popular sacrifice for those ages 25 to 34 and 35 to 44. Ranked as the most popular sacrifice for Americans ages 45 to 54 was keeping a job or career they didn't like. For respondents ages 55 and older, in order to become a millionaire they were the most likely to say they would work longer and retire later.

Like those 55 and older, much of the women surveyed selected they would work longer hours and retire later in order to become a millionaire, whereas most men ranked giving up dining out and alcohol as the easiest way to get rich.

According to those surveyed, becoming a millionaire is not only obtainable, but also wouldn’t require much—maybe a couple longer hours and more home-cooked meals.

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