World-renown humanitarian coming to Detroit to teach people how to improve their Inner Engineering

Sadhguru holding event at Cobo Center to show metro Detroiters how to engineer their inner selves with a 21 minute a day practice

Jennifer Giordano has found a way to keep life's stresses from overwhelming her without making any dramatic lifestyle changes; in fact, it takes her just 21 minutes a day to keep anxiety and stress at bay.

Giordano practices Inner Engineering, a program taught by Sadhguru, the founder of the Isha Foundation.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudez or "Sadhguru" is a yogi, a mystic and humanitarian who travels the world teaching his Inner Engineering program. He will be in Detroit October 12 -14 for a conference at Cobo Center.

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Giordano, who is a psychiatrist, attended the program in 2006 and said it changed her life. It came at a time she was dealing with high-stress situations.

"I was coming off medical school and board exams and then starting residency and that is like running a marathon up Mount Everest. it's a lot of stress, it's a lot of expectation it's a lot of demand," said Giordano. "And with all the things that go along with stress, I was eating more Tums than any person should eat, I was not sleeping well, I was having anxiety."

She began doing an energy practice that's part of Inner Engineering called Shambhavi Mahamudra. It takes 21 minutes a day and Sadhguru said it has been life transforming for millions of people.

"It's meditation you learn with it a few, they're called asanas, which are yoga postures. You learn a few of those to do prior to the meditation, essentially to get you ready for the meditation so you're body can sit for the 21 minutes," said Giordano.

Sadhguru describes Inner Engineering as a method or tool to engineer a deep and lasting personal transformation. It is a combinations of technologies that uses the science of yoga and meditation.

"All I can say is this is not a religion, this is not some kind of a teaching, this is not a philosophy, this is a technology one has to just learn how to use it like you learn to use your iPhone, similarly you learn to use this "I" to it's optimum level, to it's fullest capacity," said Sadhguru.

Sadhguru said we need to fix our inner selves to achieve bliss.

"The world is engineered the way we want it, but are we engineered the way we want ourselves to be? So there is a certain way to engineer our system to make this body to make this mind, to very chemically within us the way we want it, said Sadhguru. "But this has not been done because people have never paid attention to the mechanics of how a human being functions and to engineer that the way we want it."

Giordano said she feels the benefits of the program and that her inner condition is completely changed.

"I sleep like a baby, my stomach is fine, my anxiety levels are so dramatically reduced from what they were," said Giordano. "Even my perceptions of life. I would say when things before I would find them stressful or overwhelming, there just not. It's just the ability to flow with things and roll with things much much better. When you can do that when you can roll with things and flow with things, life is more fun, your happier, you're able to connect with people at lot better."

Supporters of Inner Engineering said it can improve your health and quality of life. A study done by the Indian Counsel of Medical Research of people who follow the program in the United States found it improved their anxiety, depression, insomnia, hypertension, allergies, back and neck pain and diabetes among other things.

Giordano is one of about 3,000 people in metro Detroit who practice Inner Engineering. She said it's something that can be done anywhere include the office, your car, even at the airport. She said once people experience the benefits, they will find it easy to have time to do it.

"Any time you're going to change your behavior it's a challenge to it, but once you start to realize and reap the benefits then it's like OK I'm going to make time for this," said Giordano.

Anyone interested in the program can attend a weekend event at Cobo Center where Sadhguru will teach inner engineering. It will run from Friday October 12 until Sunday October 14th. For information on how to attend the program, click here.

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