Andiamo: Eastern seaboard crab cakes



1          lb                     Lump Crabmeat

1/2       cup                  Diced Red Peppers

1/2       cup                  Diced Celery

1/2       cup                  Green Onions

1          clove                Garlic, minced

2          Tbls.                Dijon mustard

1/2       cup                  Mayonnaise

As needed                   Bread crumbs for binding and Breading

2          Tbls.                Chopped fresh dill

2          Tbls.                Chopped fresh chives

As needed                   Salt and Pepper to taste

As needed                   Old Bay seasoning to taste



1.  Saute the vegetables and the garlic for 3-4 minutes, then allow to cool.

2.  Mix together the remaining ingredients and

3.  Form into small round balls and roll in fine breadcrumbs.

4.  Sear the cakes in a skillet and finish cooking them in a 350 f. oven.

5.  Stick a lollipop stick into each one and reserve.

Pepperoncini Aioli 


1          gal                   Mayonnaise

15-20   cloves              Roasted garlic in olive oil (reserve oil for adjusting consistency)

½         cup                  Fresh parsley, rinsed, tops only

3          cups                 Pepperoncini, topped and seeded, juices reserved 

To taste                       Salt and pepper

To taste                       Lemon juice

To taste                       Reserved Pepperoncini juices

To taste                       Roasted garlic oil


Process the garlic, parsley and Pepperoncini together, then begin adding the mayonnaise.

Season to taste with salt, pepper and lemon juice.

Add the reserved juice from the Pepperoncini and roasted garlic oil to achieve correct flavor and consistency.

Properly label, date and store for later use.