Live in the D: Quick Fix Healthy Dinners


Salmon Salad Dinner

Salmon is an oily fish very rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and is available fresh or canned. This particular recipe is one of the few times I recommend using a canned product.

Servings: 2
Prep Time: Approximately 10 min.
Difficulty: Easy Recipe

1-4 oz. can of Pink Salmon or 4 oz. broiled Salmon Steak
½ head of Romaine lettuce (one whole head feeds approx. 4 people)
1 tsp Capers
2 Carrots washed, peeled and shredded
Use Red Onions and any other fresh vegetable you desire in the salad

• Wash the lettuce and tear it into pieces. My mother always taught me to tear lettuce instead of cutting it so the nutrients will stay intact. Using a hand-held grater shred the carrots over the lettuce. Then, mix all the other desired fresh veggies into the salad.
• Drain the canned salmon, break the meat into pieces and mix it into the salad.
• Top with Ginger, Sesame dressing or vinaigrette.
• Serve with whole grain or wheat, crackers or bread.

NOTE: If you increase the lettuce and add another can of salmon, this quick dish could feed up to five people

Vegetarian Stir Fry
This recipe can be altered by changing vegetables. Be creative, I’d like to introduce kudzu which is one of those wonderful plants that can provide both food and medicine. Kudzu contains compounds called isoflavones commonly known as an antioxidant because of its ability to trap singlet oxygen. When eaten, there are indications that there is a lower incidence of certain cancers. As food, it is a great ingredient to create sauces for stir fry dishes. The leaves can be consumed or the root can be ground into a powder that’s better than cornstarch because of the smooth texture without a starchy taste or bitterness. Kudzu is used widely in the macro biotic diet because if helps with digestion problems. Many of us would become much healthier if we had better functioning digestive systems. One small bag of this product will last for several months. You can purchase kudzu at most health food stores.

Servings: 3
Prep Time: 10-15 min.
Cook Time: Approximately 15 min.
(not including the brown rice, prepare according to package)
Difficulty: Easy Recipe

If you have more people, add additional vegetables and rice. The brown rice is very filling.

2 cups of Shiitake mushrooms (this satisfies the need for protein; or you can use tofu, organic or vegetarian chicken)
2 large Carrots washed, peeled and chopped
½ medium yellow Onion, chopped
3 to 5 Kales leaves washed, stem removed and chopped, or sliced cabbage
3 tbsp. of Safflower Oil
1 tbsp. of Kudzu dissolved in about one cup of cold water
1 tbsp. of dried Parsley
1 tsp. of Basil
2 Garlic Cloves smashed
Sea Salt to taste or Bragg’s Amino Acid Spray

In the winter months, add a teaspoon of oregano or dried rosemary. These herbs tend to help warm the body.
Brown rice (long or short grain prepare according to package directions)

In a large stainless steel pan, add oil over medium heat.
Add chopped onions and smashed garlic. Saute’ until the onions are almost translucent.
Add the Shiitake mushrooms (or other protein), and saute’ until almost thoroughly cooked.
Add the remaining ingredients and seasonings, cover for about 5 minutes.
Add the cup of dissolved kudzu to the pan and lightly stir until the kudzu thickens, and provides the sauce for the stir fry (read label for preparation).
Adjust the seasonings to taste.
Pour over prepared brown rice and serve.

Veggie Burger Dinner
Use the best veggie patty (one that has quality ingredients) and check the sodium content on the pack.
Prepare according to directions on the label.

Place the patty on a whole grain bun, and prepare as you would a hamburger with all the fixings.

Add a green salad made with romaine or another dark leafy lettuce and you have a quick meal.