Grill healthy with spices and more tips for your outdoor summer cooking


Grilling season official kicked off over Memorial Weekend, and while fatty burgers and greasy sausages may be your typical fare for charcoal-fired heat, there are healthy options. 

One simple approach? Spices. 

Bethany Thayer of Henry Ford Center for Health Promotion visited Live in the D to share some grilling tips with Chuck and Tati. Here are some takeaways (and watch the video above for the visuals!): 

Spice is life: Spices come from plants and bring many of the health benefits of fruits and vegetables. Plus, they flavor food without relying on salt. 

Spices can be intimidating in their colors and varieties, but any mix can result in interesting combinations.

"It really doesn't matter what spice you use ... there are many anti-oxidants," Thayer said. "Pick your favorites and go for it."

Mix it up: Mix a variety of spices with mixed vegetables -- remember multi-colored foods are a good sign of a nutritious mix -- for a healthy grilling option. A good goal is to fill half your plate with vegetables (yes, even when grilling up all your favorite meats). 

One safety tip: When grilling, wash your utensils right after grilling to kill any salmonella before it can spread. It's especially important for chicken. 

Another chicken tip? Grill to 165 degrees to ensure it's finished. Use a thermometer to check the temp to avoid potential illnesses. 





For more information please visit this website:  http://www.henryfordlivewell.com/savor-the-flavor-diy-spice-mixes/