Adults catch the coloring bug at the Royal Oak Public Library

Intricate pictures make for a relaxing, even therapeautic activity

ROYAL OAK – Yup, adults really are coloring. 

You've probably seen the coloring books at Barnes & Noble or other stores billed as "for adults," and there's no real secret. They're coloring books like we give children, just a little more intricate and time-consuming to create a challenging, but relaxing, activity for adults.

Live in the D visited the Royal Oak Public Library to check out an adult coloring group. First thing we noticed? No cell phones ... just coloring and chatting. You could even call it therapy. 

"My friend and I usually go out to breakfast or lunch," said on participant. "This is calorie free." 

Watch the video above for a closer look at the coloring books, and the adults spending time with them. You may want to join them, or at least dust off your markers and get back to coloring.

Check out the coloring clubs, and more, at the Royal Oak Public Library here.