Watch: Chuck and Tati riff on Simon Cowell's fashion, muse on movie flops

Is Jungle Book still the must-see movie of summer?


Simon Cowell is back, and he's still not buttoning his shirts. That's Chuck's take on the famed talent show creator's return to America's Got Talent, the perennial hit summer show featuring variety acts from across the country. 

Chuck mused that Cowell has a distinct fashion when it comes to his shirts. 

Memorial Day movies: It was a holiday box office flop for "X-Men: Apocalypse" and  "Alice through the Looking Glass," two major releases that disappointed. Tati still wants to give X-Men a chance, but Chuck said he's hearing more interest in The Jungle Book than anything new out. 

And watch the video above for a glimpse at the former "Full House" house in San Francisco. There have been some updates since the show went off air in 1995 -- and a nice boost in the price tag, too.