Parents turning ideas into reality

Inventions by local moms and dads

Check out some ingenious inventions by local moms and dads.

1) Flatbox by Solvetta 
Product:  FlatBox-LunchBox $19.95, 4pack icepacks $11.95
• Machine washable: Spiller? No problem! Toss it in the washing machine and you have a clean lunchbox. Clean     surface every time!
• Placemat: Easily converts to a placemat for all ages 2-92, unisex design.
• Insulation: Thick High Quality Heat resistant neoprene, with extra EVA insulation in the sides.

2) Lunchbox Love
Product: $2.99 per unit (per one volume of Lunchbox Love)
• Each card contains a positive message from mom or dad like “I love spending time with you” or “Be kind” and a   fun fact, joke, or riddle on the back. They never repeat a fun fact, joke, or riddle so you can buy all our Lunchbox Love for Kids packs and they'll always be fresh.
• Donates thousands of meals to Feeding America.
• The goal is to spread love, encouragement and fun with every card and help parents stay connected with their kids.

3) Sticky Bellies
Product:  Picture Me Proud Set of 15 Photo Memory Cards - $19.99
• From the first day of school to the last (and all the super fun milestones in between), capture your child’s biggest moments with these ten (10) Picture Me Proud memory cards
• Head to the playroom, grab some markers, and fill in all of the milestone details.
• Hold up the milestone masterpiece and say “CHEESE!”

4) spbang 
Product:  spbang reusable bags - $9.99
• Unique and durable reusable bags that are made in the USA
• The ‘notes’ bags allows parents to write notes or kids to color directly on the bag using non-permanent markers.
• Easy to wash on the bottom rack of your dishwasher.
• Saves the environment and families money.