How to get rid of indoor allergies (Hint: It starts with your carpets)

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For those of us with seasonal allergies, spending time outdoors in 2016 wasn’t exactly fun. Pollen, ragweed, and other airborne allergens forced us inside where, we thought we would find relief from our symptoms. Unfortunately, there are many indoor allergens that can wreak havoc on our health, and removing them yourself is no easy task!

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Spring 2017 isn’t going to be much better, unfortunately. We all need a safe haven from outdoor allergens, so here are a few ways to help keep your home symptom-free this season:

1. Get your carpet professionally cleaned – The carpet in your home is your biggest air filter! Anything in the air eventually ends up on the floor, and your carpet will accumulate any allergens that fall. A truck-mounted hot water extraction, done by a professional, will neutralize and remove about 90% of these allergens!

2. Change your air filter – Your furnace circulates your home’s air, so change your air filter at least every 3 months. During allergy seasons, make sure to switch to an anti-allergen filter for even more relief. If that doesn’t cut it, the problem could be the dust and debris in the air ducts themselves, which would need to be cleaned by a certified expert. 

3. Keep the humidity low – Especially in the bathrooms and basement, where moisture tends to accumulate. Make sure to keep the air circulating and keep the tile and grout in these areas clean and free of organic matter. Keep these areas dry and clean, and you won’t have to worry about mold or mildew. 

4. Make your furniture a “no pet zone” – Pet dander can be especially troublesome for allergy sufferers, and letting your furry friends on the upholstery is a sure way to expose yourself to the worst of it. 

Overall, the best defense against any allergen is to remove it from your environment. Regular vacuuming will help remove the topical particulate, but when it comes to deep within your carpet and upholstery, a professional truck-mounted hot water extraction is the best way to remove allergens from your home.