This Is Why You're Sneezing So Much!

Everyday Allergy Triggers - Who Knew?!?

Summer allergy season is in full swing. If you're not the one sneezing and having itchy eyes then you know someone who's suffering from these symptoms.

Pharmacist Dr. Uchenna Kole-James has tips to raise awareness of some everyday allergy triggers and how to counter them.
T he first allergy culprits to tackle are ones in the bedroom - your pillows and mattresses. The fibers in both of these trap allergens and can be a constant irritation to allergies. Dr. Kole-James recommends using allergen casings for pillows and mattresses. During the height of allergy season she suggests washing pillows once a month in hot water and changing pillow cases twice a week. The same rule applies for decorative throw pillows on the couch. The pillow cushion and cover need to be washed on a regular basis to be rid of lurking allergens.

The next everyday allergy culprits are cute and cuddly but are no friend to the allergy sufferer - stuffed animals. Furry toys should be treated just like pillows - washed in hot water once a month.

Long haired rugs are another place where allergens, especially animal hair and dander, lock in and wreak havoc on allergies. These should be vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter which will trap the allergens in its filter.

Some other useful tips are to take clothes off immediately when coming home, especially after gardening or mowing the lawn. It’s not a good idea to wait and chill out around the house because allergens will immediately start spreading all over the place.  Follow with a shower to remove all of the allergens on your skin and in your hair.  Lastly, make sure you wash your hair every day before lying down on your pillows. This, too, will prevent the allergens from building up on your pillows. The fewer allergens, the fewer allergy attacks!

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