Have you tried THIS on the golf course?

It's new sport mixing golf and soccer that is fun for the whole family!

DETROIT – FootGolf is a fun new sport the whole family can enjoy. It's played on a golf course and players take turns kicking a soccer ball into an oversized hole. The player to get their soccer ball into the hole with the fewest kicks wins, much like golf. 

The first FootGolf tournament was held in 2008 in the Netherlands. The sport then spread to America with over 200 golf courses offering it by 2014. Over the years the sport has continued to grow with some people playing it competitively, like Jon Aron. 

"The thing I like about FootGolf is the competition and the people within the FootGolf community," says Jon Aron.

FootGolf takes a lot of traditions from both soccer and golf, including a uniform. If you are just playing for fun, what you wear doesn't really matter; but for competitions Jon says they wear a collared shirt, athletic shorts, and knee high socks (often in argyle). The number one dress rule that goes for everyone, whether you play competitively or not, is no soccer cleats because it ruins the green for the golfers.

Players start off from the tee box and play the same course golfers do, just with their holes marked differently. Jon recommends that for your first big kick to use the side of your foot so you don't hurt your toes. From there you continue kick the ball into the hole with the least amount of kicks possible. Much like in golf, studying the course and planning your kick is important because your ball can just as easily get caught in a sand trap or curve the wrong way because of a slight incline on the green. 

 Anybody can play the game, Jon explains, as long as they can kick a ball.

Michelle Oliver learned to play FootGolf on the Fox Hills Golf Course at 8786 N Territorial Road in Plymouth. There it costs $20 per person for 18 holes. You can bring your own soccer ball or rent one there for $5.

Fox Hills Golf Course is also hosting the American FootGolf Leagues's (AFGL) Midwest Regional Qualifier on Sunday July 9th, 2017. The competition is open to both AFGL members and non members in four categories, Junior (Ages 12-17), Men (Ages 18-45), Women (Ages 18 and up), and Senior (Ages 46 and up). The cost is $30 per player for AFGL members and $35 for non members. To sign up visit this link: https://americanfootgolfleague.wildapricot.org/widget/event-2438297



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