Check Out The Most Convenient Way To Get A Haircut

Marc Anthony's Creations brings the Barber Shop to you with his inventive take on a "barber truck."

Anthony Radcliffe has brought took his barber truck on the road over a year ago. He says his clients love the convenience of having him come to their homes.

He had a brick and mortar barber shop at one time, but says eventually much of his regular clientele went into elderly facilities, or moved away from the neighborhood, so this mobile unit was the perfect answer to those problems..

He still firmly believes that the barber/client relationship is very personal, and getting to know him is much easier with him on wheels.

He has two mobile units. One is a motor home converted into a barber shop, and the other is a custom trailer he tows anywhere he is needed. The trailer comes complete with a ramp for anyone in a wheelchair, it has air conditioning, and an old fashion barber chair that is more than 50 years old. The truck is also equipped with a hot towel machine that Anthony uses for straight razor shaves. He says unless you do straight razor shaves, you can't officially call yourself a barber!

He's been cutting hair for over 21 years and still loves his job.