The Pop Up Shop You Need To Visit


With so many new businesses booming in the D there's now a place where you can have a sampling of a several at one time. We had the chance to visit the Pop Up Shop at Tech Town in the North End. It’s the perfect opportunity for businesses to showcase their items and a great place to get your shop on. 

Historically, Tech Town is known as an incubator for small businesses offering support for everything from start-ups to business acceleration. "We are ultimately match makers for small business. We dig in, we get to know them, build their trust, and connect them to the right people at the right time", said Sarah Donnelley, Retail Services Director at Tech Town.

The Pop Up Shop is hosted on the last Friday of every month and welcomes businesses in Detroit whether or not they've been through their program. Sarah said, "A lot of people ask 'why a pop up shop here at Tech Town', but the audience here at Tech Town is so varied. To have a retail pop up here at Tech Town provides a great opportunity for businesses to test out new merchandising, test out new product, meet new people, and of course generate sales." 

The day we visited there was everything from vintage fashion from Margaux and Max to unique ice cream from Reilly Creamery. And for the Live In The D resident germaphobe, Tati, there was handmade hand sanitizer. There's literally something for everyone!


To learn more about the Tech Town Pop Up Shop and the programs they offer small business visit TechTownDetroit.org.