You've never seen ice cream like this!

Michelle pairs up with Mark to find your fix for unique ice creams in the D

Detroit – Summer is not over yet and you can still enjoy some tasty ice cream! But are you sick of the same old flavors? Well, our Michelle Oliver paired up with teacher-actor -comedian (and friend of Live in the D) Mark Sobolewski to find your fix for unique ice cream in the D. You won't believe what they found! Here is where they went.

Tou and Mai, 4240 Cass Ave., Detroit, MI
Try the Hello, Hello. This is their take on the traditional Filipino dish Halo Halo. It has a whole bunch of  exotic textures and flavors including a purple yam called ube, sweet red beans, basil seeds and more! Mark and Michelle said it tastes like a "tropical breeze."

Milkster Creamery, 31055 John R Rd., Madison Heights, MI (inside a Bigby)
Try their Summer Mint Chip in a coconut and activated charcoal cone with a Nutella syringe or their Triple Berry ice  cream in a Nutella cone with a triple berry syringe. They make their ice cream using liquid nitrogen and fresh herbs and berries. Michelle also tried their dragon's breath with Jason and Tati. It is a strawberry flavored corn puff with liquid nitrogen on it so when you breathe it looks like smoke.

*They are also opening a new location after Labor Day in the Macomb Bigby across from Partridge Creek Mall.

Delicias de mi Pueblo (Hometown Delights), 518 W Huron St., Pontiac, MI
Try their Mangonada which is made with Mango sorbet,  diced mangos, chamoy, lime, chili flakes, mango juice and served with a chili straw. It's more of a savory dessert with the chili adding more of a heat then a strong spice. 



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