Get Your Game On at 3&Up Board Game Lounge

Have a game night out at this lounge with over 1,000 board games

DETROIT – Looking for a way to unwind after a hectic day? Well there is a place in Plymouth where you can kick back, relax and get your game on called 3&Up Board Game Lounge.

"We started the lounge as a place to bring communities together," says 3&Up co-owner Chris Erwin. 

"I mostly associate games with playing with my family or actually having parties and party games," explains Angela Space,  the other owner of 3&Up. For her playing games now is a great way to recreate those memories.

So the couple collected up over 1,000 board games and opened up 3&Up. Their collection has since grown and you can pick any of them to play. To make it easy on you they have organized the games into categories. They also have game aficionados working there to help you pick out a game and understand the rules. 

They have newer games like Pandemic and Ticket to Ride, as well as old classics like monopoly and clue. They even have a collection of vintage games including Dream Phone from the 80s and Ginp Gnop.

You can come as a family or a group and play a party game or by yourself, picking up one of their "free parking signs" indicating you would like to play with others.  

Playing here costs less then going to the movies- $7 per person for the first 90 minutes, and $4 for every hour after that. They also offer monthly memberships for those that want to come often. 

Just like at home, you can eat while playing the games. There is a snack bar at 3&Up, but you can also bring food in from one of the nearby restaurants.

The best part about playing here, as opposed to at home, is that there are no distractions (plus you don't have to clean up!).

If you would like to visit 3&Up Board Game Lounge they are located at 774 Starkweather St, Plymouth. They are open Sunday, Tuesday-Thursday from 12pm- 10pm, and 12pm-2am on Friday and Saturday. 


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