This Food Will Fire You Up For the Weekend!

Michelle Oliver takes Us to Dine in the D at Firehouse pub.

Fighting fires and getting together to make delicious food is all in a day’s work for a fireman.


“It’s a tradition; we cook two meals at the station every day,” says Brian Vogel, a Detroit firefighter.


He, along with fellow Detroit fire fighters Jeff Smith and Mike Urban, took their love for food one step further. When their pensions were cut, they decided to open up their own restaurant-- The Firehouse Pub.


“We’re bar people, we like good food, we like good drinks, we like to have a good time and this place came in, it was like a blessing,” comments Jeff Smith.


Loving what they do, they wanted to reflect that in their restaurant, their drinks are called extinguishers and there are pictures of local fireman hung proudly on their walls.


Just like in a firehouse, the food here is made from scratch and will leave you craving more.


“ What brings the people in we knew was going to be the food, so when we opened up we hired one of the best chefs we knew to create a menu that was made mostly from scratch,” explains Mike Urban.


They serve a range of food from a meatloaf, to salmon, to steaks. One of the favorites here is their award winning Bash Burger. This half pound burger features jalapenos, pork belly, smoked gouda cheese, crispy onion straws and their Faygo Rock & Rye BBQ sauce.


If you would like to check out the Firehouse Pub they have two locations:


23018 Greater Mack Ave, St Clair Shores, MI 48080


232 Maple St, Wyandotte, MI 48192


For more information visit their website here.



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