Have you ever seen sushi served like this?

With sushi burritos and poke bowls, Yuzu Sushi Co. brings the West Coast here!

Many of us enjoy sushi, but at Yuzu Sushi Co. they are serving it up in a whole new way, two words- sushi burrito.

“They are about 3 times the size of your average sushi roll,” explains Yuzu Sushi Co. owner, Mario Gojcaj. “They are about 14 oz., so one sushi burrito is a pretty nice meal."

Mario first came up with the concept for his restaurant when he was in California. “I always wanted to own my own restaurant and I did a lot of traveling,” says Mario. “I was a huge sushi fan and when I was out in California, a couple of years ago, I ran across the whole poke and sushi burrito concept, tried a bunch of them and I fell in love with the whole idea. We didn’t have any of those in Michigan so I wanted to be the first one to bring it here.”

So he opened Yuzu Sushi Co. in early 2016, with their main items being the sushi burritos and poke bowls. Poke is a traditional Hawaiian dish made with cubed sushi, mixed with a sauce and served on top of rice. The poke they serve here is fairly traditional in style served on top of rice and romaine lettuce.

Every dish is customizable and many can be made gluten free. There are also vegan and vegetarian options as well.  Their most popular dish is the spicy tuna sushi burrito. It is made on an extra-large sheet of nori (seaweed) and features raw tuna, rice, avocado, their spicy mayo sauce, panko bread crumbs, cucumbers, and romaine lettuce.

If you would like to try Yuzu Sushi Co. they are located at 32832 Woodward Ave, Royal Oak, MI 48073.

For more information visit their website here.

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