This Coffee Shop Comes to You!

Drifter Coffee is serving their pour over coffee all over Metro Detroit

DETROIT – Traveling around the streets of Metro Detroit is a cute blue and white 1960s style trailer that makes a killer cup of coffee; and driving it around is it's charming owner, Alleah Webb.

"Head honcho, I like to call myself " she quips.

For years Alleah has wanted to own her own coffee shop.


"It's just in my blood, " Alleah explains. "I come form a line of entrepreneurs... so it just clicked for me when I was going to school, and I started working in coffee, and I really fell in love with the exchange between the customer and the barista, and we are preparing something that is really warm and comfortable and homey, and we're just sort of taking care of people." 

The thing was, she know how she wanted to get started, that was until she found a 1960s Serro Scotty trailer from Craigslist.

"As soon as we went to go look at it I knew right away I was going to go buy it, and I started having a panic attack, like 'all right, it's go time, we're going to do this!"

With the help of her friends and family she got the trailer up and running. Her dad completely redid the inside, patching holes and building out the countertop and serving window. Her friends also helped her out with the design of her logo and painted the front of the trailer.


They serve a variety of drinks and some baked goods.

"Whatever I'm in the mood for, that's what I'll order," she says.

What they are known for, however, is their pour over coffee. It is a way of making coffee where some one pours hot water periodically over freshly ground coffee. The coffee slowly works through the filter into the cup. This makes for a smoother cup of coffee that allows you to taste the subtle flavor notes. While the process does take a bit longer than others, Alleah enjoys spending the extra time getting to know her guests.

As Alleah puts it, "Coffee is a really important part of people's day. It's our job to listen to them, take care of them, and to leave them feeling better than when they came."

If you want to find out more about Drifter Coffee visit their website here, or follow them on their social media on Instagram and Facebook


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