My Detroit with Mama Shu

Our Tati Amare brings us Mama Shu, the Founder & Ceo, of Avalon Village. Shu tells about "My Detroit."

You probably remember Shamayim Harris from The Ellen Show when she was recognized for the community building she's doing in the Highland Park section of Detroit. "Mama Shu", as she's affectionately called, started the Avalon Village ten years ago with the goal of rebuilding the area lot by lot - literally. We recently caught up with her to learn about what makes Detroit home for her. Here are her top three:

 The Avalon Village on Avalon Street in Highland Park is home to Mama Shu. "I came to work specifically on my block, Avalon Street, and that's what my intentions was. I'm going over there, I'm going to take my ministy, my non-profit organization and I'm going to clean up one lot at at time", she says. Mama Shu is dedicated to creating an eco-village that she believes will impact generations to come.

Royal Skate Land on the west side is a place that holds wonderful memories from Mama Shu's high school days. She reminisces about roller skating on Sunday afternoons with friends and enjoying snacks from hot Cheetos to blue slushies. Shu describes her time at Royal Skate as, "... just a good place to be."

Belle Isle is another Detroit favorite of Shu's. "Talk about memories, family reunions, picnics, 4th of July... going to the beach... the zoo." , she says. She simply sums up her feelings with, "I just love Belle Isle."