Check Out These Local Inventions

Accelerate Michigan is one of the largest gatherings of high-tech companies. This is the eighth year Accelerate Michigan will give about one million dollars in prize offering to local inventors and their businesses.

There are companies from across the state coming out to compete for the money.

Seun Oyewole director of Accelerate Michigan Competition brought some examples of what you can expect to see in the competition. 

First up, is Lawrence Hunt's sweat proof clothing company. This shirt has special fabric under the armpits that absorb sweat.

Next, is Pretch a portable white board system. You can connect and reconnect the white board. There is also an app that would allow you to capture, convert, and conform your presentation and share it virtually. Through the mobile application, you can change and modify your presentation.

Last, is Bloomscape, a vertical plant brand. If you turn the plant upside down no dirt will fall out.

The Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition is taking place tomorrow, November 16th and Masonic Temple in Detroit.