Join Live in the D's 30 Days of Crochet challenge

During this holiday season keep calm and crochet on

Whether you are an experienced crocheter or entirely new and want to learn, join our 30 Day Crochet Challenge! The idea is that we will crochet a little bit everyday for 30 Days. There is a Facebook group you can join so you can ask for help, share your projects and meet other crocheters in the Metro Detroit Area. (And watch the Live in the D video above for our kickoff to the challenge!)  

Here are some projects to get you started:

For the beginners out there, Michelle Oliver has an easy scarf you can make with just two simple stitches. The pattern can be found here, although she modified it a bit, chaining 110 to make the scarf longer. 

For the more experienced crocheters out there, the American Heart Association is asking for volunteers to knit tiny red hats for newborns to raise awareness of congenital heart defects. For more information visit their website here



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