Get A Taste Of The Great Lakes Without Leaving Detroit!

We Dine in the D at Huron Room in Southwest Detroit

DETROIT – Serving up fresh walleye with a seawall for a bar, the Huron Room makes you feel like you are on Lake Huron.

"We kind of came across this boat, the Huron Light Ship, it is actually up in Port Huron, and it kind of became the logo and the feel, " explains owner  Jacques Driscoll. "We wanted it to be an up-northy type place without being cottagey, but still give you that vibe of being on the lake."

Jacques Driscoll is the owner of the Huron Room along with his wife Christine, and they are no newbies to the restaurant scene. They also own Green Dot Stables and Johnny Noodle King. 

"I think the most fun part for my wife and I is creating and design. We want to make it different and unique, not only from our restaurants, but any other restaurants too. We really want to stick out and have something be memorable," says Jacques Driscoll.

The Huron Room was inspired by their love of Michigan products and their cottage in Port Austin.

"We serve seafood with a focus on Michigan and Michigan based stuff so we have fish and chips, but we also have sandwiches and appetizers," says Jacques Driscoll.

They offer walleye and perch as well as cod in their fish and chips. They also serve oysters, shrimp, salmon and other items you would expect to find at a seafood restaurant but they also add their own twist to their items. An example is their Clobster Nachos which have crab and lobster mixed into the cheese sauce of the nachos. 

They have Happy Hour Monday through Friday from 3-6pm, with drink specials ranging from $1-$3, $1 oysters, and a $5 burger.

For more information on the Huron Room please visit their website here.


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