Have You Had A Puffy Taco? It Will Change Your Life!

We Dine in the D at the home of the Puffy Taco, El Charro

For over 40 years El Charro has been serving up their delicious Mexican food, but believe it or not, when the Martin family first bought El Charro it wasn't a Mexican restaurant at all. 

"It was a little place in Fraser, I think we sat like 40 people," says second generation owner, Lynn Cacchione. "They sold hamburgers. People would come in and get hamburgers all the time and my mom would give them tacos for free, and that was how it started."

Now the tacos they make are not your typical tacos. The corn shells are thick (4oz.!) and deep fried to create this crispy yet soft puffy taco shell. These tacos grew in popularity allowing the Martin family, along with their staff, to expand the business to 4 locations and a taco truck. 

"We grew up there," Lynn explains. "My mom would sit me on the counter when I was two years old and I would watch her first take the order, come back and make the order and then go deliver it.... My mom was the more creative side you know food wise, even talking to people, decorating, and my dad definitely was the finance guy."

They serve up all the favorites from enchiladas to their Mahi Mahi Fiesta Salad. Their food is made in the Tex mex style with lots of yummy cheese. They also try to cater to those who are gluten intolerant and vegetarians. They make their food fresh, including pressing the masa for their puffy tacos. 

"It's a family business, we could not do what we do without the people that work for us, they're our family," says Lynn. 

They have four locations located in Fraser, St. Clair Shores, Macomb and Troy. For more information please visit their website here.

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