How To Take Care Of Your Skin In the Winter

This harsh winter weather can take a toll on our skin but there are ways to protect it and look radiant this winter. We've invited the experts from Babs Salon and Wellness Spa in Birmingham to show us how.

Natalya Ostapenko is a sought-after skin care expert who shares with us the proper way to care for our skin. 

  • They recommend to NOT use foam cleansers but DO use milky silky cleansers which will bring nourishment and hydration to your skin
  • Protect the skin around your eyes with moisturizer, hydrator and softener 
  •  Don't over exfoliate your skin in the winter time, they recommend to use enzyme treatments

We also had Cindy Burger a massage and body treatment specialist, tell us about a steam body treatment Babs Salon has to offer. They use steam tent that goes up to 125 degrees to help exfoliate and pull toxins out of the body. 

Last but not least we had David Marks, who specializes in Make-up for all occasions share a few tips when using make-up in the winter time. Marks starts with a gold eye shimmer and finishes the eye look with concealer. The last step is to avoid using matte lipstick it makes your lips too dry and could cause your lips to crack. 

For more information on Babs Salon and Wellness Spa make sure to go check out their website.