Indulge With A Personal Chef


Shanel Dewalt is the owner of Divine Indulgence Personal Chef Services. She became interested in food because she grew up helping her oldest aunt in the kitchen during dinners, family functions, all things of that nature. Cooking and seeing the joy that it brings to people makes her feel so good. Dewalt was inspired to go into the business at such a young age because she was in a car accident two years ago which resulted in someone dying on the scene of the vehicle she was in, and throughout that time she was contemplating starting a business of her own. Dewalt said "the fact that God spared my life in that moment it gave me the push i needed to deliver and actually start my business at 20-years-old." 

We had Shanel Dewalt live in studio and she shared a dish with Live in the D! 

To find out where your next dinner is coming from check out Shanel Dewalt on her website and all of her social media at DivineindulgencePCS