You Won't Believe The Secret Behind This "Reuben"!

Michelle Oliver takes us to Dine in the D at Chive Kitchen


With delicious items like chili cheese fries, coney dogs and loaded nachos you would never guess it, but Chive Kitchen in Farmington is an all vegan restaurant.

"Not having good food wasn't an option for me," explains chef and owner Suzy Silvestre. "I've always enjoyed eating and going out to restaurants, and [I] just enjoy all types of food so owning a restaurant was always something I was interested in. Once I converted to being vegan and wanting to do more vegan cooking, I felt like I really had something to offer."

So she opened up Chive Kitchen in Farmington. It is a cozy little spot with simple, Portuguese inspired decor. She wanted it to feel like you were in someone's home, so that inspired the "Kitchen" portion of the name. "Chive" came to be the other part of the name because she didn't want people to think it was just a salad spot.

"A lot of people equate veganism to just salad or vegetables," says Suzy, but she wanted to show people there are so many different options when it came to eating vegan. While she does serve some scrumptious salads she also has a vegan reuben, an artichoke bowl, burritos, tacos and more. 

"I like to take plays on food that traditionally has meat in it, and make it vegan," explains Suzy. "With food in general you want flavor, you want color, and you want texture. So it is just taking what vegan and plant based elements you have available to you, thinking outside the box, and thinking how you can get that flavor, and color, and texture."

They make their own seitan and cheeses in house as well as vegan drinks and desserts. 

For more information on Chive Kitchen, please visit their website here

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