At This Restaurant Dogs Rule And The Food Will Make You Drool!

Michelle Oliver takes us to Dine in the D at Stella's Black Dog Tavern

Before we get into the juicy burgers and delicious prime rib they serve here, I want to introduce you to the most popular girl in the joint. She is so popular there is even a board to tell you if she is in the house or not. Meet Stella, a tall dog with black wavy hair and the sweetest disposition. 

"Stella is a Bernese Mountain dog with part Greater Swiss, so she's a bigger dog than most Bernese Mountain dogs. She's taller and she's the runt of the litter believe it or not," says owner Bob Ostendorf.

Not only is Bob Stella's owner, he also owns Stella's Black Dog Tavern.

"It was a family pub and they needed someone to help them out. They had put a Stella's tab in here when Stella used to come and sit outside on the patio and I was impressed by their focus and service. They asked me if I'd buy it so I did. I got my partner and we bought it, " explains Bob.

Stella is a certified service dog so she is allowed to roam around and greet guests, and she is very well trained so you don't need to worry about your food. Speaking of food let's get into that.

Bob says, "It's somewhere between high end and bar food, kind of right in the middle. The key was to create a place in downtown Plymouth that offered an option for families so you can come in and get a good meal with your kids for a reasonable price."

They serve burgers, sandwiches, wings, pizza and more, but the item everyone was raving about was their prime rib, which you can get on Saturdays. 

For more information please visit their website here.


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