Kitchen Gadgets To Save $$

The holidays are just behind us and we all have the hottest kitchen gadgets around the house. It's time to put those gadgets to use to eat healthier and save money on that grocery bill in the new year! Julie Fromm, a registered dietitian, nutritionist, and chef from Henry Ford was on Live in the D today to show us what to do with those gadgets.

First Julie showed us the Soda Stream, which carbonates water in your home so that you can make soda or sparkling water for less cost. The Soda Stream is also a healthier alternative to pop.

Next, Julie taught us all about the Food Saver. The Food Saver is a vacuum sealer which allows you to buy food in bulk, portion it out, and use the sealer to seal and freeze the food.

Julie then shared a few tips about the Instant Pot, like how to make your own stocks.