The instant-pot sensation that rocked Facebook


Yesterday, Live in the D did a segment on instant pot cooking, which is a sensation that lead to instant pots being the number one seller on Amazon over the holiday season. It was a fun segment, and the audience seemed to like it, so they posted the story to Facebook.

When Jason,Tati, Michelle and the team came in today, 150,000 people had viewed the story. From all the likes and shares received it was immediately apparent that people's interest in instant pots was deserving of more regular attention. That's why there is now a Facebook group, brought to you by Live in the D, which is dedicated solely to instant pot recipes.

That group itself has already done amazingly; there are more than five hundred members in an afternoon. Expect to see a large community of people sharing instant pot recipes over the next few weeks.

If you want to join the group or see some of the recipes, you can check them out at BY CLICKING HERE!

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