What Does MLK Day Mean To You?

Today on What's The Buzz, we talked about Martin Luther King Junior Day. Mimi Brown, Mark Sobolewski and Tony Frost joined us to talk about the holiday. Mimi is a local author and motivational speaker. Mark is a teacher, actor and comedian, and Tony is a local singer and entertainer. 

Mimi said that Martin Luther King Junior Day means celebrating diversity, and all the things that make this country great. Tony made a great comment that we are celebrating the day our world changed. Mark also had a great point, saying that we aren't celebrating a moment, we are celebrating a movement. 

The day is supposed to be a day of service, but do you think people actually attempt to serve their community on this day, or is it just another day off? Our guests said that unfortunately the holiday has lost its meaning to a lot of people, but there are a few people who still make a point to take part in the day and do their service. 

Kids have the day off from school on MLK day, but should they be in school instead to learn about the teachings and actions of Martin Luther King Jr.? Or should there be school organized field trips on this day so that children do their day of service? Mark's opinion was that it would be a great opportunity to have the kids in school if schools were guaranteed the funds to make it meaningful, like a day of service or a field trip.