A Place To Take The Edge Off

Sometimes you just want to find a place with some great food, a good atmosphere and a good drink to help take the edge off!

Whether it's lunch, dinner, happy hour or Sunday brunch Round Bar in downtown Detroit is a place you may want to check out.

Eric Hurd, the Executive Sous Chef, and Haleema Russel, the Sous Chef, from Round Bar joined us in the studio to share the experience with us. 

This restaurant has a little something for everyone! Some of the menu items include: 

  • Cali Flower Fritters
  • Double Tree Cookies
  • B.L.T.
  • Old Fashion Detroit (Maurice Salad)
  • Apple Bacon and Blue Flat Bread 
  • Tje DT (Double Tree) Burger
  • Sweet and Spicy Wings

If you want to check out Round Bar they are located at 525 W. Lafayette Blvd. Detroit, MI 48226