What's Your Movie Theater Pet Peeve?

Today on What's The Buzz, we had a few guests join us to discuss the love/hate relationship we have with going to the movies.

Movie reviewer Greg Russell, Writer and Regent at Wayne State University Kim Trent, and the host of the Blaine Fowler Morning Show on 96.3FM WDVD Blaine Fowler all joined us in the studio. 

Jason and Kim asked the experts about their main irritations when it comes to going to the movie theater. Greg's biggest irritation is the cell phone. He said it's disrespectful to pull your phone out and have a full blown texting conversation in the middle of a movie. 

Kim asked the group if they think going to a movie is a good date idea. Kim Trent voiced her take on the question saying for a new couple it may not be the best date idea, seeing as there is no talking or conversation involved in the date. However, Kim added that if you have been with someone for years and already know the person, then going to a movie could be a great idea for a relaxing date. 

The hosts were curious about their thoughts on going to a movie by yourself. Blaine said that his job has him getting done around noon everyday, so he often attends movies by himself and thoroughly enjoys it. 

Nowadays, there are full bars at movie theaters. The whole group thought alcohol during a movie is a great idea. Kim even saying, "there is no such thing as a social situation where liquor doesn't make it better."