How To Choose The Best School

If the child in your life isn't thriving in school you have a choice! This is National School Choice Week which means this is the week you can enroll your child in a different school that better suits their needs Randy Speck, Superintendent of our friends at the Madison District Public Schools, joined us in studio to explain how National School Choice Week works! 

People have to act if they want to choose a different school because there are only two times a year where you can enroll in schools of choice, Those times are the beginning of the school year and the second semester. 

The types of schools people can choose from are public, charter, private, and homeschooling.

We also went into what you should consider when choosing a school. You have to look at: 

  • Convenience and location
  • Academic and extra-curricular offerings
  • Safety
  • Teachers and staff

The the goal of schools of choice is to "serve families one student at a time". Speck also explained that, "we believe in our ability to teach... we believe in our ability to provide great opportunities for students, but we believe in actions of service to families and their students."

If you want to change to Madison Public Schools District you can go to their website here: http://madisondistrict.org/ or call 248-399-7800

The second semester deadline for choosing a different school is Friday, January 26th.