Looking For Healthy Party Food Recipes?

This weekend is sure to be filled with party after party for the big game. Julie Fromm, Registered Dietitian and Chef with Henry Ford joined us in the studio today to give us some ideas on how to stealthy sneak in some healthy dishes at your party when you're heading to a pot luck!

Fromm said that the number one rule is to not over sell the dishes as "healthy," it can be a buzzkill. 

When talking about healthy eating, it is always a focus on vegetables from all of the different colors of the rainbow. The first dish that Fromm showed us how to make is the 7 Layer Dip. The dip contains romaine lettuce, black beans, red onions, chicken, Queso fresco cheese and tomatoes. 

Next Fromm showed us a healthy spin on the classic spinach and artichoke dip. To make the dip a more healthy one, use bigger portions of fresh spinach and artichokes.

Healthy eating is also all about portion control. For dessert, Fromm makes miniature desserts. Make a pan of brownies or another type of dessert and then cut them up into little pieces and serve as mini dessert cups.