Want To Look Like A Celebrity?

There's a really cool boutique here in the D that's dressing the stars, and you can get that same celebrity look! Our friends at Al Wissam Leather in Dearborn make it all happen. Hasan Souwaidan joined us in the studio today to show us a few of their clothing items. 

Al Wissam got started in 1992, and grew like wildfire from word of mouth and marketing. 50 Cent, Big Sean, Young Geezy, and even Snoop Dog have sported the jackets.Each jacket is hand made and unique.

Hasan brought a few models with him to show off a few of the popular looks including studded leather jackets. The business decided to do custom jackets so that they could fit to each customer depending on their personalities. 

The business is celebrating their 25th year and will soon have sales up to 50% off. 

Al Wissam Leather is located at 13354 Michigan Ave just east of Schaefer road in Dearborn. You can also order jackets online on their website http://Alwissam.com