Which Commercial From The Big Game Was Your Favorite?

Today we talked all about the commercials from the Super Bowl that have people buzzing! Today in the studio we had local writer Kim Trent, Co-Founder of Slow Roll Detroit Jason Hall, and Blaine Fowler, host of the The Blaine Fowler Morning Show on 96.3 WDVD, to chat with us about these commercials. 

The Dodge Ram commercial sparked a lot of controversy because of the use of the Martin Luther King, Jr. speech. Some people were upset, while others thought it was inspiring and made them cry. Fowler said that it made him stop and think which is why he really liked it. Hall doesn't think that anyone should have a problem with the commercial.

The group went on to talk about the Quicken Loans commercial, and their favorite commercials from the night. Hall's pick was the Amazon Alexa losing her voice, Trent's was the touching Mass Mutual ad, and Fowler's favorite was the NFL commercial that had the New York Giants doing a little Dirty Dancing.