Here's What Really Happens At The Olympics

The winter Olympics are in full swing so we reached out to an actual two-time gold medal winner to give us and insider's perspective on what goes on behind the scenes. 

Claressa Shields is from Flint and she is the first American Boxer, male or female, to win back to back gold medals in the Olympics. She is also considered to be the number 1 female boxer in the world. 

Claressa talked about life in Olympic village and even clears up some myths for us. She says the myths that they eat a lot of Mcdonald's and partly are all true.

Also, when the Olympians have lost or have been knocked out of the games they want to let loose and celebrate making it to the Olympics so the Olympic village can have that celebration atmosphere. 

She also gave us some insight about her nerves going into her matches. Olympic boxing in one of the most difficult sports because boxers may have two fights in two days, which is very unusual for them. Typically boxers space out their fights over a much longer period of time. 

Claressa also said she had to hide being star struck when she saw superstars from other sports because she had to realize that she is one of those superstars herself.