Here's Where You Can Eat Like A King!

Dine In The D On Authentic Korean Flavors At Korea Palace In Sterling Heights

With everything from dumplings to stir fry Korea Palace knows how to make you feel like a king.  

"Chef Won's dream was always to open up a restaurant, ever since he was little. He loves cooking, he's passionate about cooking," explains Alma Ko, the marketing manager and Won's daughter-in-law.

In 2004 Won Ko achieved his dream and opened up Korea Palace with his family. He and his wife, Keun Soon, are in the Kitchen and managing the restaurant and their son and daughter-in-law help out and contribute as much as they can. 

They offer a variety of traditional Korean dishes including the popular bibimbap, which is a rice bowl filled with bulgogi (marinated sliced ribeye steak), sauteed veggies and an egg sunny side up. All the recipes ar Chef Won's own creations. 

"Where my father-in-law is from, he's from Pusan, so his flavors are a little bit more authentic and more robust in comparison to other restaurants," says Alma.

Many of their dishes are served steaming hot in stone bowls. This is because in traditional Korean culture food should be served at it's best, right from the kitchen. The stone bowl help maintain the heat.

Speaking of food served hot, what is hotter than cooking your meal at your table? That's what you get when you order Korean BBQ. Their Combination A plate is their most popular. It features sliced ribeye steak (also called bulgogi), short ribs, chicken and shrimp all doused in their Korea Palace BBQ sauce. Though this BBQ sauce is not the same as it's American counterpart, it is more like a marinade and it has a sweet and smokey flavor. 

The meat is served to your table raw, and your server will show you how to cook it up with the infa-red grill that is built into the table. The meat is also served with lettuce, rice, red bean paste and garlic so you make them into lettuce wraps.  The meal also comes with 6 sides, dumplings and a steamed egg. It's a large meal, big enough to share.

If you would like to try Korea Palace they are located at 34744 Dequindre Rd. Sterling Heights, Michigan. For more information visit their website here

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