How You Can Set Your Child Up For Success

There's a program in the D that has been empowering girls for generations and it is becoming more progressive to give them every opportunity to enjoy a rewarding and successful life. 

We're talking about our friends at the Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan.

Today we had Amanda Thomas, Vice President of Customer Support, and Virginia Villanueva, a girl scout in the fifth grade join us in the studio. 

There's a lot more to Girl Scouts than the delicious cookies that you purchase. Not only are you getting the cookies, but you are supporting everything that the Girl Scouts do all year long. Some of those things include camping, outdoor education, STEM education, and robotics. 

Thomas said that Girl Scouts gives girls the opportunity to explore new things and also things that they are interested in.

Villanueva said that her favorite things about Girl Scouts are spending time with friends, meeting new people, and learning new things.  

The public sales to order cookies start today, February 16. To find cookies near you, download the Girl Scouts app, type in your zip code, and find the nearest selling location near you. 

To learn more about the Girl Scouts programs, visit their website at http://gssem.org