Wait, What?! $180 Tacos!

M Cantina Is Expanding Our Pallets With Their $180 Tacos And Grasshopper Tacos

When most people think of tacos, they think of the classic ground beef and shredded chicken tacos, but M Cantina, a Mexican restaurant in Dearborn, is expanding the pallets of Metro Detroiters with some very unique tacos.

On special they have a set of three tacos that are $180. They feature Wagyu beef, a very expensive beef known for it's intense marbling and tender texture, foie gras, caviar, black truffle mushrooms and roasted grasshoppers with a finger lime on the side. This blend of flavors from multiple cultures has a very rich taste. Chef Junior Merino invented these tacos to help combat the stereotype that Mexican food is cheap.

They also have grasshopper tacos on special which include fingerling potatoes, chihuahua cheese, crispy Mexican onions, and of course grasshoppers. The grasshoppers are raised and roasted in Mexico with salt and lime to season them.

M Catina also offers traditional Mexican street food including a variety of tacos, tortas and small plates. 

If you would like to check out M Cantina they are located at 13214 Michigan Avenue in Dearborn. For more information visit their website here

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