An Innovative Way You Can Cut Costs On Your Energy Bills

The days are getting longer and we're finally getting more sunshine and that could mean a big savings when it comes to your utility bills in ways you may have never imagined.

Jayson Waller, from our friends at Power Home Solar and Roofing, joined us in the studio today to talk about how we can save money. 

Solar Panels attach to your roof, and collect energy from the sun. Power Home Solar and Roofing customizes their system to fit everyone's needs. The goal is to reduce or eliminate the power bill. Once the solar payment ends, you own the power for life. 

The company will come out and do an evaluation of your home for no charge, customize the system depending on what the house needs, and then do the installation. 

Power Home is also a roofing company, and can do a roof inspection and installation as well.

All products have a 25 year warranty. 

To get a free estimate and learn more about what Power Home Solar offers, visit their website http://powerhome.com or call 800-SOLAR-15