From The D To Hollywood Success

In 1979, he along with his Detroit friends Sam Raimi, and Rob Tapert raised $350,000 to release the film "The Evil Dead". The movie became a huge cult favorite and now, nearly 40 years later, Bruce Campbell is set to return to the role he made famous in the 3rd season of "Ash Versus the Evil Dead". 

Bruce Campbell joined us live from Dallas, Texas to talk about Detroit and series. 

Bruce said he has 2 brothers still in Detroit and he loves Michigan. He makes it back to Detroit at least once a year. He is very excited about reuniting with his old Detroit pals to make another piece of The Evil Dead. 

Bruce said there are all kinds of Michigan references in the new installation of the Evil Dead and it will be airing on Starz starting this Sunday February 25th at 9 PM!

Be warned that the series if gorey, with adult content, and is not suitable for minors.