How To Grill Indoors During The Winter

One of the best things about summer and spring is when you fire up that grill, but when it's too cold outside how do you grill in the kitchen? 

Grill Master Todd Raiha from Longhorn Steakhouse joined us to give us some answers. 

Todd Says a lot of people think you can't grill when it's cold outside and he says they are all wrong! He says you can just get a small griddle for your personal kitchen and make restaurant quality steaks. There are certain types of meat he says are better for cooking inside, steaks without a bone in them are great and filets and ribeye steaks turn out really well on the griddle. 

Todd says be generous with your seasoning on your steak and flip it every 3-4 minutes. Also you can make a side of a lobster tail just by pulling the meat onto the top of the shell and putting the whole thing on the grill for 4 to 5 minutes.