What Are Your Bizarre Food Habits?

There are all kinds of bizarre food habits out there and we talked about a lot of them for What's The Buzz.

Marlin Williams the Founder of Sister's Code and  Technology Strategist, Jason Hall the Co-Founder of Slow Roll Detroit, and Blaine Fowler the Host of The Blaine Fowler Morning Show on 96.3 WDVD joined us in the studio to give us their opinion on weird food habits.

The group talked about their opinion on eating the same meal everyday and Hall admitted he eats pizza every day of the year. Marlin admitted that she eats popcorn everyday.

They all weighed in on whether "hangry" is a real thing and all of them gave a definite yes. To avoid getting hangry, Williams said she always keeps snacks handy either in her car or her purse. 

When asked about eating beyond a certain time of night, Fowler said that he tries to make lunch his biggest meal of the day so that he only eats a small amount at nighttime. 

When it comes to eating dessert before dinner Williams said go ahead and enjoy it! Fowler said dessert it for the end of the meal. Jason Hall said dessert is like its own meal and he will regularly go out just to order dessert.