Did Your Favorite Stars Pull Off Their Red Carpet Looks?

Today we talked all about the Academy Awards the Oscars handed out last night in Hollywood. When it came to the winners, there were no surprises. The Shape of Water won Best Picture, which is what most had predicted. When it came to the acting awards, Frances McDemott (Best Actress), Gary Oldman (Best Actor), Allison Janney (Best Actress In A Supporting Role), and Sam Rockwell (Best Actor In A Supporting role) all won after winning at almost every other awards show. A big shout out to Jordan Peele who became the first Black Screenwriter to win Best Original Screenplay. 

Besides the winners, everyone is always talking about the Red Carpet. Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan, Owner of three Detroit businesses including The Peacock Room Rachel Lutz, Local Author and Motivational Speaker Mimi Brown, and Lauren Crocker from The Blaine Fowler Morning Show on 96.3 WDVD all joined us in the studio today to go through these style looks. 

Starting with the style winners, the group talked about stars like Rita Moreno (who wore her dress from the 1962 Oscars), Mary J Blige, Taraji P Henson, and Sandra Bullock.  

They then moved on to talk about those who they thought fell a little short on the Red Carpet, like Timothy Chalamet, Salma Hayak, and Adam Rippon.