3 Things You Should Know Before You Travel

Spring break and summer vacations are coming up, and if you are planning a trip we've got some advice from the travel insiders. Jill Jones, a travel concierge with Cadillac Travel was in studio to tell us 3 insider travel tips! 

1. Is all inclusive the best way to go?

Over the past 10 years resorts have evolved and have everything for you, but before going on a big family trip make sure that you do your homework. Find out if the resort has all the right facilities for you and the family.

2. What do you suggest if someone misses a connecting flight? 

It all depends on how you missed your flight. If you missed it because of weather or an airline issue the airline will make sure to get you to your destination, in their aircraft and an appropriate time frame. It is their obligation.

3. Any tips for budget travelers? 

 Book early. Book early. Book early!! As soon as you know where you want to go, and when, look for deals and book the trip.