What Helps You Get A Good Night's Sleep?

We did lose that hour of sleep over the weekend, and some of you are still likely adjusting. This is sleep awareness week, so we're talking all about one of the most important things for your health, sleep.

Three people who each have their very own interesting sleep patterns joined us in the studio: Blaine Fowler the Host of the Blaine Fowler In The Morning Show on 96.3 WDVD, Singer and Songwriter Tasha Lord, and Movie Reviewer Greg Russell. 

Fowler wakes up at 3 am everyday, Lord is used to late nights and late mornings, and Russell travels all over the world constantly in different time zones. 

The group talked about their tricks to falling asleep easily, which included background tv, reading a book, and wearing comfortable pajamas. 

A good night's rest is not always possible when you have a crazy schedule. Lord says to stay awake during the day she drinks lots of tea and takes afternoon naps.