What's Your Vacation Style?

This week we are talking all about vacation! With spring break next week for most schools in the Detroit area, it got us thinking; what is worth it when it comes to spending on vacation? The Host of The Blaine Fowler Morning Show on 96.3 WDVD Blaine Fowler, local Author and Motivational Speaker Mimi Brown, and the City Life and Style Editor from the Michigan Chronicle AJ Williams all joined us in the studio today to give us their vacation must haves. 

The group talked about how to save money during vacations and what they spend the most money on, such as hotels, food, transportation, and kids activities. 

In order to save money on baggage, Fowler clued us in on his family's big vacation trick: carry-on luggage only. Fowler recently took a 2 week vacation to Australia with only a carry-on bag! 

Brown says that to save money on hotels, her family usually plans trips where they have family living, and stays with them. 

Williams says that she likes to eat the local foods wherever she visits, and will spend more on the restaurants.