Men, Are You Taking Care Of Your Skin And Beard Properly?

Local Skin Care Expert Gives Tips On How To Make Your Skin And Beard Look Fresh


The mission for flawless skin. It's a goal women have been trying to achieve and maintain for decades but now the guys are joining the mission. And it's not just their skin they want to be in good shape, they're giving their beards a little love too.

Sevyn Jones, owner of Skin Bar VII, knows a thing or two about beards. She's seen some of the issues that come with the rugged look like dry skin and razor bumps.

So she says to avoid the headache, men should invest in a face cleanser and a good beard shampoo.

"Not only will it cleanse the beard but it will also get to the skin beneath the beard so you're not dry and flaky or you have dandruff in the beard," says Jones.

If you think you can use the same soap or shampoo you use on your head or body, think again. "Bar soap is PH balanced for the body,” Jones says.  “The PH of the face is 4.5 to 5.5 and there are specific products you can buy to help you maintain that PH".

Jones says when looking for a beard shampoo, find one with natural ingredients like fruit extracts and oils that will help hydrate the skin. "You need a beard shampoo that's heavy in essential oils, the more oil and the thicker the beard shampoo, the best results you'll get," she says.

She also encourages men to take the time to take care of their skin. "Skin care is all about not just facials but overall health and wellness and taking care of yourself,” Jones says. “Once you start taking care of your skin, you'll notice things about you, what you put in comes out”.

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