Local Women In The D Helping Girls Find Success

Thriving as a young woman today comes with many challenges including bullying, social media, school work, and college goals just to name a few. To help with those challenges is an organization called "Alternatives For Girls" here in the D. Their magic weapon is strong mentors who can make all the difference in a young girl's life. 

Alternatives For Girls prepares youth for college success. The program looks for mentors who are very loving, compassionate, creative, encouraging, and active.

One young girl named Edith said that the program is an opportunity to bond. She said it is fun to have a mentor, and nice to have someone other than family who trusts her and cares for her. Tera Warn, Edith's mentor, said that she hopes to make a difference in someone's life, and wants to give young girls opportunities to grow to their full potential. 

Local 4's Rhonda Walker will Emcee the "Alternatives For Girls 2018 Role Model Dinner" March 28, which helps support their programs. Local 4 is a proud sponsor of the event.

To get involved in their programs, or support Alternatives For Girls in other ways, please visit their website http://alternativesforgirls.org